subconscious mind

What gets absorbed, get's installed - The subconscious mind

In my previous blog, you read how the subconscious mind works amazingly as the world’s best back end.  This back end is actually much more interesting than you thought it is! Apart from the heart rate, breathing & digestion, there are many more wings to it. Through the autonomic nervous system, the subconscious mind also handles the functions like maintaining body temperature, muscle tone, blood pressure, focusing of the eyes, unconscious motor movements, generation of chemicals and antibodies to fight disease, etc. I mean, can it be any better?
Do you remember handling so many functions, simultaneously and continuously, ever?
All the functions in the autonomic nervous system can operate effectively or malfunction, depending on what gets fed in to the subconscious mind. Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions we go through on a daily basis, have a direct impact on the functioning of the subconscious mind and hence, the autonomic nervous system. Now why do I say this?
You might have come across yourself or people around you going through a phenomenon called stress, due to circumstances of life. The reasons could be many, such as hectic work schedule, relationship crisis, long travel hours, traumatic mishap or anything else that could occur in a person’s life. In some, it could be one disastrous event while in others, it could be a prolonged repeated occurrence of the same thing that causes stress. But the question here is, when stress happens mentally, why do things go wrong physically? Doctors often find migraine headaches, anxiety, stomach cramps, ulcers, constipation, and a wide variety of other physical discomforts which are an end result of mental stress. This evidently signifies that the connection between the mind [mental] and the body [physical] does exist and it is important to understand how it works. Throughout your day, all the thinking you do, all the emotions and feelings you go through, get stored in your conscious mind. 
And when you hit the bed and fall asleep, the most impacting and the most repeated ones get absorbed by the subconscious mind. The rest get filtered away in the form of early morning dreams. Well, if you have heard from someone that early morning dreams are those which come true in your life, you can now breathe peacefully. It’s not true! The science of dreams is a very deep & quite an interesting subject. You could read this book by Sigmund Freud to understand dreams better.

So, if your thoughts, emotions & feelings are of happiness, energy, satisfaction, success, progress,etc, your subconscious mind will absorb that. And if they are of anger, sadness,fear,worry, hatred, jealousy, intolerance, etc, well, your subconscious mind will absorb that too!! As you sow, so you reap. People who go through stress, have the latter kind of experiences in common. To add to the irony, the subconscious mind doesn’t have the power to judge between healthy & unhealthy thoughts. It takes whatever trickles down from the conscious mind. Since the autonomic nervous system is the mother ship handled by the subconscious mind, all the experiences get installed into it, just like a software update.

While healthy experiences enhance & empower it’s functioning, unhealthy ones behave just like an unwanted virus. When the virus attacks your body you might see symptoms such as, variation in blood pressure, weakening of immune system, slower digestion, diminishing eye-sight, malfunctioning pancreas, liver and many more. The only way you can avoid this is by identifying those unwanted thoughts and flushing them down the drain. It takes a little practice, but gives you astounding results which are totally worth it. Your body is the first amazing gift you have, which can be taken care of very well, if you use the second amazing gift you have, called mind. Remember, as you sow, so you reap!!