4 tips to sleep well

Sleep well with these 4 tips

Have you noticed those people who can sleep the moment their head touches the pillow? [I’am one of them:D] Yes, that’s a blessing! However, this blog is for those who struggle hard to fall asleep or have a very disturbed sleep.
I do understand that it’s a pain to go through a night of no or less sleep and then wake up at the same time every day. If your sleep timings are not consistent, how do you expect your wake up time to be consistent? You would have read why exactly tiredness & mood swings bother us throughout the day if we don’t sleep well the previous night in my previous blog
Off course, It’s a chain reaction! If this continues there are a lot of areas in our lives that could go down, like a domino effect. I know many of you out there who are at different stages of sleeplessness. Some who have been through it so long that you’ve given up already and some who are looking out for solutions here & there. And definitely there would be some who have just entered the stage of only few hours of sleep in the night. Now let me jump in to what are the things that you could do to make sure you get a good amount of sleep.
  1. Exhaust your body
    sleep well with these 4 tips
Now, you might say, “Yeah right! Like I didn’t know that.” Well, many of us know a lot of things but we might not be really putting them to practice. I would suggest you to watch the pattern of your physical activity. You could also maintain a journal of sorts. When you start noting down your patterns, you will observe that you are possibly spending lesser time moving your body. Quite commonly, majority of them blame it on the nature of their work which takes up most of their time. It is so obvious that people who spend their physical strength for a livelihood are able to sleep better than the others. Off course we don’t wanna be in that situation. But, the key is in trying to find as many opportunities as possible to move your body in the middle of your busy day. It could be as small as taking the stairs instead of an elevator, brisk walking, taking a short 5 minute break at regular intervals to stand while you talk to your colleagues, etc. If the time & distance make sense, you could choose to walk to work & back home. If you are a fan of exercising, then nothing like it. Any form of regular exercise like running, yoga, workout at the gym, etc can do the magic. But do make sure you don’t exercise 1 or 2 hours before sleep time. Your body wouldn’t have cooled down, so you will be unable to sleep until it does. 
  1. Relax your mind
    sleep well with these 4 tips
    When I say relax your mind, it doesn’t mean you stop thinking[Just in case, you took it that way]. Both your professional life and personal life need you to think before you take any decisions. Exercising your mind enhances it’s capability. But, you should learn when to switch on & switch off. What I mean to say is, as we get nearer to sleep time, it is very critical that the mind gets into relaxed mode. Yes, there will be situations & problems for us to handle in life. But, when it’s bed time, it’s bed time, period. I know it’s difficult for us to stop thinking about things that are overwhelming in our lives. Some financial pressures, work deadlines, unpaid debts, relationships, new project, new venture, crisis, etc. They just keep coming. One thing that you could do is sit in the place where you would want to go asleep [Ideally on your bed] with your eyes closed. Let there be no disturbances around you. Now, you will see all your thoughts coming to you randomly. All you need to do is allow them to pass.

     Do not resist. Let them all come. You will dwell on some and you will ignore some. Some of them come repeatedly. It’s like emptying the trash can. After sometime, you will reach a stage of nothingness, which means your mind would be left with no more thoughts. Now, it’s the end of the movie. So, you just lie down and go to sleep, immediately. As you practice this regularly, you will gradually start seeing that the quality of your sleep is gradually improving.
3.Prepare your environment
sleep well with these 4 tips
For your mind to get into relaxation mode, you will have to make sure your surroundings are supporting the cause. When I say surroundings, it means the room in which you go to sleep. Your mind would have been active throughout the day to help you out in all your activities. Now, when it’s time for you to sleep, it’s too much to ask for it to shutdown immediately. It’s not a laptop for cryin’ out loud! You need to create an environment that is conducive for your mind to relax. Atleast an hour before your sleep time, make it a point to pull the plugs off all your electronic devices.Yes, I do agree there are a lot of things out there that entertain you. But there is a time for that. If sleep is important for you, then your TV, mobile phone, tablet, etc need to be away from you at least for this one hour . It’s best to keep them all out of your room or somewhere away from your reach. It also helps to have a dim light in the room during this time. It sends a message to your mind that it’s time to relax and get ready to sleep. See if you can cover up your windows with the right kind of curtains to avoid external lights[street lights, traffic lights, etc] to enter your room. At this time, you could even read a book that you like. As you read on, your relaxed mind signals your eyes that it cannot take any more information. So, they start to close. As in the previous section, If you don’t want to sit with your eyes closed, reading a book could be a good alternative. One more thing that you could add to your environment is instrumental music which soothes you down. We call this relaxation music. You could use headphones to avoid ambient noise. So, make sure your environment has all the factors that can help your mind relax faster has zero disturbances that can come in your way of a good night’s sleep.


  1. Eat & drink right
    sleep well with these 4 tips
    The time at which we have our food and the kind of food we eat also matters a lot for our sleeping. It is a good practice to have your dinner at least 2 hours before you go to sleep. Also there are certain types of food that interfere in your sleep cycle such as spicy food, chocolates, aerated beverages, alcohol, coffee, sugar rich foods, etc. The content of these foods send conflicting signals to your brain that keep it active.  
    And it doesn’t suffice if you follow all these steps for just one night and get back to your old pattern thinking it didn’t work. I have shared some ideas with you. You could also put some effort to tweak things around through your own research. It’s after all for your own sleep. Do all it takes to make it work, but don’t give up. While I was surfing on the internet, I found this video which might also do the trick for some of you to fall asleep within minutes.  While it is important to exhaust the body & relax the mind, some of you might be doing it the other way round. I believe that  just fixing that would work wonders for most of you! While you practice these, you are free to comment below with any doubts or clarifications. I’ am more than happy to help, as I strongly recommend that there should be no compromise with sleep.