Are you sleep deprived? Read this....

If you or some one you know is sleep deprived, you’re reading the right article. 

Sleep deprived 

 Even though I hate it so, I’am the one who picks a fight

I wake up everyday when it’s a hot scorching midday Sunlight

My folks don’t feel like talking to me ‘cos I’am always uptight

Just the way everyone else can, I too wanna be able to sleep at night!!!

WelI, I do realise that ’s a lame poem I came up with. But if you’re lacking sleep, it definitely rings a bell in your head. Doesn’t it?

The symptoms of sleep deprivation could vary, from person to person, such as 

  • Inability to fall asleep inspite of feeling sleepy
  • Waking up frequently & difficulty going back to sleep
  • Feeling tired and exhausted after waking up

Why is sleep so important?

Sleep deprived

I would like to explain this by stating what could happen if a person is sleep deprived for a prolonged period.

Considering the average sleeping duration of 8 out of 24 hours a day, human beings spend 1/3rd of their lives sleeping. Having said that, lack of sleep for any human being causes irritation, moodiness and sometimes depression too. Every person needs at least 6 hours of sleep. Some of them need more. Also, I have heard many people saying, they could get along with lesser sleep. My only suggestion to them is “Please stop kiddin’ yourselves!”. 

There couldn’t be a better example I could give than this seventeen year old boy by name Randy Gardener who set out to etch his name in the Guinness book of world records in 1964. He did not sleep for a whopping 264 hours[That’s right….ELEVEN FULL DAYS!!!!]
Although he didn’t suffer any permanent damages after that, during these eleven days there were other factors which had to be considered. As per the post assessment tests done, during those eleven days, his thought process deteriorated, his speech turned slurry and his memory started to weaken. At one point of time, he even started hallucinating experiences!  Now, you don’t have to go through all this. Do you?
Scientists say that a tired brain craves sleep so hungrily that it will sacrifice anything to get it. And that’s why one driver out of five has at least occasionally dozed off while on wheels.This accounts to at least 2,00,000 accidents in a year, according to statistics [That’s a lot!!] I’am not saying this would be the case with every person who is sleep deprived. But, there would definitely be an alarming effect on your daily lives due to it. Most of the after effects show up in their behaviour. They frequently fall into arguments, have difficulty in focussing and understanding things, lack enthusiasm to do anything at all, so on & so forth.

Is it necessary that I need to sleep only in the night?

Sleep deprived


Yes. I say it with conviction!

You might have read my earlier blog where I have mentioned how the subconscious mind is responsible in controlling your autonomic nervous system. Through out the day, your body goes through a lot of action. You talk, walk, eat, drink, think, drive and do so many other things which drains energy out of your body. Our body is so beautifully designed that when we sleep in the night, all the lost energy gets restored. All the damages get repaired. If you workout at the gym, you might have heard your gym instructor asking you to get a good amount of sleep in the night as you’re working out every day. That’s because, the muscles that undergo all the wear & tear during the workout, absorb all the energy from the food & water you consume while you’re asleep. This is how they repair, build & grow. And once again it’s time to express your gratitude to your hero; your subconscious mind, as he is the one who takes care of this process while you’re sleeping. Also, during the night, all the different processes such as digestion, blood purification & circulation, refreshing the brain etc, etc happen one after the other. All the organs go through an overhauling, when we are asleep.

 Let’s say you own a company and you have outsourced some of the backend work to a vendor. How would it be if, after completing your load of work, you go to this vendor’s office to overlook that outsourced work and also lend your hand in getting it done? That would be insane, isn’t it? First of all, you are interfering in his job and secondly you’re unnecessarily wasting your precious energy!

The phenomenon would be similar in the case of your sleep too. If you’re awake at the time you should be sleeping, you’re spending twice more energy than you should be. And that’s why both your mind & body would be tired the next morning, when you’re sleep deprived.

Your subconscious mind is busy executing all the vital processes in your body to make sure your system is ready for use when you wake up the next day! 

 Out of the many things that human beings interfere with nature, this is one?

More on the science of sleeping in my next blog……