To help you build a strong mind & body, it requires quality services


Seminars & Workshops
We believe that it's always best to equip ourselves with the right knowledge, than looking for external resources to help us! The focus of our programs remain making you self-reliant by utilising the two rich & well designed resources, your mind & body! There are tons of Do-It-Yourself techniques & methodologies to keep both these tools healthy. We regularly conduct open seminars & workshops to coach you.

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Placement Training Programs
Every student's dream is to get placed in a dream company while he/she is still in college. Our training programs are designed to equip them with the skills that are workplace specific which in turn builds their self image and confidence levels. We provide relevant training for them to be interview-ready & industry-ready! Placement & training cells of engineering & management colleges can get in touch with us for the same
Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy
We make use of hypnosis to heal any type of mental discomforts that you might be going through. As certified therapists, we help our clients to de-hypnotize from all the hypnosis they have had all their journey, affecting their current life, thereby helping them make their true life records. Many mental health issues that can be addressed through hypnotherapy

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A healthy body is an asset that can take you along way. The more we take care of it, the better our quality of life will be. Through acupressure, we provide treatments for any kind of physical issues such as back pain, neck pain, knee pain, diabetes, blood pressure and many more. We combine this ancient technique with magnet therapy to accelerate the healing process.

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