Opportunity at your door!

Do you know who brings you closer to your opportunity?



"Just when I thought of giving up, feeling tired, inexplicably desperate and drained out, I landed this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I never thought it would come to me, but it came. The timing couldn't have been better.!"

Now, how many times have you heard someone say that? Yes, the irony is that many people just wait, wait and wait for opportunities to come. But, very few of them go and chase them down. It's a self-belief in the latter, that keeps them on their toes. A belief that says "Yes, I' am gonna make it happen, no matter what." It multiplies their focus and willingness to find what they want. When we believe in ourselves, the way we look at things starts to transform. We don't wait for opportunities to knock at our doors. But we always keep the doors open for any opportunity to walk into our lives. It's an amazing level of awareness!

By the way, the answer to that question on the first line is our very own quiet hero, the subconscious mind. I'll explain how. As our conscious mind develops with our age, we start choosing and selecting what we want. Our selections are done based on our needs, wants, likes, dislikes, etc. A kid chooses a chocolate ice-cream against vanilla because he likes the taste better. A man chooses a black suit to wear than a white one, as he likes black more. A woman chooses a bag from Louis Vuitton against a Gucci as she likes the collection of the former brand more. At all the times, the conscious mind is working while making the choice. It's primary functions are judgments, considerations, comparisons and selections. Once we are done selecting, even if we are not in a position to afford something, we picture ourselves acquiring it. This is where the subconscious plays it's role. When we are unable to acquire or accomplish something we really want, the communication happens between the conscious and the subconscious mind. The strength of the communicated message depends on the intensity of your desire coupled with a belief that you can get it.

At this point, you might ask me, "what's the use of this communication?" This process is very important and critical. If this message doesn't get passed, nothing else will move forward. Once you set your eyes on something, your emotions start getting involved in it. And these emotions power up your subconscious mind to create and bring forth suitable opportunities for you to grab.
For instance, lets' say your current income is 'X' and you would like to increase it to '5X' in the span of 6 months. The moment you start thinking of it, your mind will start wandering and wondering. "With '5X' in my pocket, I can do...., I can buy a better..., I can live in a better....,!" It's just beautiful how your mind starts painting those debt clearances, extra comforts, luxuries that come with the increase. Along with these paintings come the joy, satisfaction, sense of relief, excitement, confidence and many more emotions which should be felt when the hike actually happens. The feeling of these emotions trigger the subconscious mind very strongly and persuades it to throw opportunities at you which literally help you to increase your income from X to 5X. You need to be patient and careful. There's a reason why I say that. You need patience because the subconscious might take less or more time than you assume to bring those opportunities to you. But trust me, if you're not patient and end up losing your hopes, it doesn't take much time for it to shift from 'Work-In-Progress' mode to 'Hibernation' mode! Also, you need to be careful and watchful about the 2 D's. The 2 D's which might pull the socket from your goal achieving. They are none other than demotivation and deviation. People & situations around you will try their best to install the 2 D's into your life. If you entertain them, you are withdrawing power from your subconscious mind.  So you need to maintain focus on 3 things until you achieve your goal : I call it G.E.O.

  • Goal : [Quite obviously!] Create a system which reminds you at least once a day about your goal. Otherwise, it will get washed away with other tensions and worries
  • Emotions : It's OK to be in fantasy world for a while, so stay there and enjoy the emotions that you would go through when you would actually reach that goal. If you don't feel any emotions at all, change the goal!
  • Opportunity : With strength in your belief, keep a watch on situations & people in your life. Your subconscious could throw opportunities at you in any form. Be alert!

Remember, your subconscious is a great resource. If you feed it well, it makes sure, reaching your goal becomes a cake walk.You might not find logical reasons in my explanations because I haven't tried to put in any. This is just the way it is.

If you believe it works, you are right. If you don't believe it works, you're again right.:)

I would persuade you to believe so that magic starts to happen in your life.

Be aware, be alert for your opportunity might be standing right next to you!

Happy Acheiving!