Intentions matter - Jim Carrey

Video : Intentions matter – Jim Carrey

The power of intention cannot be justified with a better example than Jim Carrey’s life. He is such an inspiration! This video is clipping of an interview of the famous Hollywood actor Jim Carrey with Oprah Winfrey. Watch how he talks about how he reached where he reached with the power of strong intention & visualisation.

What I would like to point out here is the intensity of his belief. While he talks, observe how confident he sounds. This is the voice of a person who has practically applied the technique of visualisation & made it big! [Well, I don’t think we need to debate on that.Do we?] Many participants who attend my seminars & workshops say “Shamanth, I do think a lot about my goals & practice visualisation, regularly. But I don’t really see anything happening at all.” And then they feel sad about it. Well, my only answer to them would be the message that this video carries, which is….


Your intentions need to be constantly monitored and made sure they are on par with your goals. Yes, there will be diversions, chaos, daily chores and so many other things that can distract you. But if you allow them to overwhelm you, you can throw the goal or dream that you have into the garbage. Consistent alignment of your intentions by monitoring your thoughts is required to keep you from getting carried away from your goal. As you practice this, your belief system will gradually start supporting you in every action of your's. And you will start to see the results getting produced with ease.